Geoffrey Badeaux Design

Zachary Charity Leauge

Snack Pack Logo Design

 The Zachary Charity League, in partnership with the Zachary Community School System, is working to alleviate some of the hunger pains of local children by distributing Weekend Snack Packs. These Weekend Snack Packs are distributed in the Zachary Community Schools to students that have been selected is coming from food insecure homes. The packs contain healthy, non perishable foods that do not require adult supervision or preparation to consume.

Red Stick Sports

Screen Print Design

Mockup Templates
Red Stick Sports works with upwards of 30 garment manufacturers. The more accurate a proof can be displayed to a customer, the more likly the customer is to be happy with the end product. Over the years proofs have been given to RSS customers in every way from faxing print seperations to cell phone photos. When I started work at Red Stick Sports the mockups were all illustrated generalizations of garments. 

The Mockup templates were created to assure uniform presentation and a more accurate representation each individual product. Each is branded and issues a slight warning to the recipent, urging them to go over the proof carefully.

Since implementing the new line of mockup templates, the time between first contact with a customer and art approval has decreased.

Design Ideas Book & Templates

Red Stick Sports outside sales team travel around Louisiana to activly sell equipment and customized apparel to schools and busineses.  Many customers know what style garment they need, but have no art in mind. The Design Template books were created to assist the sales force to communicate with them.

There are 9 books in all. Each contains 18-48 concepts and an opening section of illustrated design terminology. Each concept has a number that correlates to a fully editable template that the print designer can quickly edit with minimal notes taken by the sales team.


Card & Logo Design

Oceanscape is an aquarium maintenance service that installs, cleans, and maintains marine and freshwater aquariums.